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February 20th, 2014

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Facebook fan pages can be a great way to utilize social traffic and while we’ve touched on our guidelines in past, the number of questions they bring up seemed to warrant giving them their very own blog post.

At this time, we allow promotion on Facebook fan pages on a case-by-case, approval basis. Here are the guidelines that we consider:

  • Page must have at least 10,000 likes.
  • Your page needs to be about a specific topic – Justin Bieber, Pugs, traveling to Paris. Freebie pages, personal pages and pages containing solely offers are not allowed.
  • The offer selected must allow Social PPC.
  • The offer must be relevant to your page’s content.
  • The offer cannot be direct linked to PeerFly.

Before you add a PeerFly offer to a page, we need to see the images, text and redirected link you’re planning to use. Email that information to your Affiliate Manager and we’ll take a look!

Here’s an example of an appropriate ad that I created:

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 1.49.01 PM

The offer is relevant to my page’s content, I’m not direct linking to PeerFly and I had it approved by my Affiliate Manager – thanks Luke! We’re excited to allow our publishers to explore new traffic opportunities but it’s important we do it right. Hit up your AM if you have any questions!



Lauren Hostert

I'm an Affiliate Manager at PeerFly.com.

18 thoughts on “Facebook Fan Pages

  1. Lindzey Lincoln


    I’m brand new to PeerFly, so I’m thankful you are here to help, Lauren!

    I have a Facebook “community page” (For Lovers of The 70’s) with over 42,200 likes. The engagement of the fans is definitely significant! For example, one post on the 19th got 1,396 likes (so far)… 166 shares and the most significantly, in this case, 640 written comments, for just one post!

    It’s common for us to get well over a 1000 likes on our posts. And, we don’t even have a 100K fans yet. We started the page only one month ago today, January 21st.

    Would you please take a look at our fan page and provide feedback as to what we need to do next to do business with PeerFly?

    Much appreciation,
    Lindzey Lincoln

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hi Lindzey,

      Go ahead and email that information, your ad copy and links to your Affiliate Manager. He or she will take a look. 🙂

  2. F R Rubel

    Hi Lauren,
    I want to make affiliate account here. I’m working on Craigslist, so please help me how can I get an account here? how can I get approval?

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hi Carlos,

      You can promote offers with Facebook PPC as long as the offer allows Social PPC.

      1. Peterpan

        with a offer that has the LIMITED Facebook Promotion clause, is it that i am not allowed to buy traffic and send it straight to the offer, i use fb ads 

      2. Lauren Hostert Post Author

        LIMITED Facebook means that if an offer allows Social PPC, you can promote it with paid Facebook ads. All offers have this caveat. 🙂

  3. Peter

    So i have FB community page with 13000+ likes. Can i make a post(direct linking) and boost it with FB ads with targeted audience?

  4. Othman haddad

    I’m new to PeerFly i have page .
    I have a Facebook “community page” (i Love miami ) with over 399,000 likes

    Would you please take a look at our fan page and provide feedback as to what we need to do next to do business with PeerFly?

    Much appreciation,
    Othman Haddad


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