Troubleshooting the Conversion Test Wizard

September 25th, 2013

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Along with a new design, the Conversion Test Wizard is now easier to use than ever. Instead of the old three step process, simply input the tracking link from your platform into the Wizard and hit submit. That said, there are still a few issues that would cause a lead not to fire correctly.

1. Are you using a landing page?

The conversion tester can only fire a test lead to your tracking link.

2. Have you added the correct variables to your affiliate link?

Did you append a sub ID variable onto your affiliate link before you entered it into your tracking software? With Prosper, enter ?s1=[[subid]] and for CVPLab, just append ?s1= to the end of your trkur link.

3. Have you set up postback?

You can place both a tracking pixel and individual postback using the sub menu on the offer page.
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Global postback can be added here:

4. Have you added our placeholder variables into your postback link?

Both individual postback and global postback require that you add our placeholder variables. The link you’re given should end with something that looks like this if you’re using Prosper or CPVLab:

Before submitting your link to PeerFly, simply pass the %commission% and %subid1% variables so that your link now looks like this:

5. Are your postbacks conflicting?

Having multiple postback methods set up for one offer can cause tracking issues. Let’s break it down this way:

Individual postback + individual postback = Fine
Tracking pixel + individual postback = That’s fine, too.
Tracking pixel + global postback = Fine again!
Individual postback + global postback = Problem.

While global postback should usurp individual, it doesn’t always work correctly and can cause major tracking issues. We recommend setting up global postback for this reason – plus, you only have to set it once!

6. Cloaking on?

The last reason you may be unable to fire a test conversion is that you have cloaking on. It doesn’t cause issues when running offers, you would need to turn it off to send a test a lead.

Don’t forget: Your Affiliate Manager can always a test lead for you! Just send over your tracking link and we’ll do the rest.

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2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting the Conversion Test Wizard

  1. Shirley Aaron

    I want to forward this offer to domain I purchased from GoDaddy
    it is
    How do I accomplish this?
    my member # is PF129651
    Sorry, I am newbie

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