Affiliate Marketing Terms Explained

June 3rd, 2013

Affiliate marketing has what can feel like an unending amount of terms and restrictions. When you’re first getting started, it can all be a bit overwhelming. We love to see our publishers succeed, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently confused definitions to help newbies get started and provide a refresher course for anyone that needs it.

CR and EPC
Something that tends to cause a fair bit of confusion with new publishers is CR and EPC.

CR stands for Conversion Rate, and is calculated by taking the number of times an offer converts and dividing it by the number of times it was clicked.
EPC stands for Earnings Per Click. You can kind of think of it has CR expressed as a monetary amount. It’s derived by dividing the commission earned by the number of clicks. We provide both EPC and CR as a metric to gauge how well an offer is performing across network, but please be aware that EPC does not correlate to a payout.

In short:
CR %= Conversions / Clicks
EPC $ = Commission Earned / Clicks

Stats reset every 30 days, so an offer with 0 CR and EPC isn’t necessarily a “bad” offer. It’s probably either new or hasn’t been promoted in a while. You can see how long an offer has been on PeerFly listed in the blue box on the offer page.

Raw VS. Unique Clicks
Another set of terms that raises a lot questions with new publishers is Raw and Unique clicks.
Raw Clicks refer to the total number of times your offer was clicked. Unique Clicks refer to users.

For example: If I click your offer five times, it would be 5 Raw Clicks and 1 Unique.

Conversion Point?
You can find out when an offer converts in the blue box on the offer page. If you’re unclear or have a question, let us know!

Sale Offers and Lead Offers
Some offers convert upon lead. Entering an email address, completing a form or signing up for a service would all be considered “lead” offers. Email submits, dating and most gaming offers are CPL offers.

Sale offers convert on purchase. For example, buying a Snuggie or purchasing software.
You can find the offer type on the far right corner of the offer box.

Offer Restrictions
Once you know what an offer is and how well it’s performing, you’re then tasked with deciding where it should be promoted. This can be difficult and offer restrictions can be confusing but its important to have a firm understanding of how you can and cannot promote offers to keep you out of trouble.

Social PPC

Social PPC refers to posting ads through a Social Network’s paid advertising platform. Let’s go over our a few popular options for this type of promotion:

Touted as the world’s largest social network, Facebook is a popular traffic source amongst our publishers.

The term “LIMITED Facebook” tends to cause a lot of confusion. The only promotion we allow on Facebook is through paid ads. Posting links on walls, tagging users in images or sending offers in messages is considered spam and not allowed.

Plenty of Fish
Plenty of Fish is a free dating site and with 2 billion page views a month, there’s definitely money to be made. They allow both Social PPC and Banner Display though their paid advertising platform, so just be sure that the offer you’re using allows one of the two.

We allow publishers to promote offers on YouTube as long as they are compliant with the following guidelines:

  • The offer must have Social PPC listed under Allowed Marketing.
  • You must own the rights to the video content you are promoting on.
  • The offer must be related to the video content.
  • You must use a redirect on your own domain if you are going to direct link.
  • You are not allowed to post links in the comment sections of the video, just the description and in your video.

Due to past issues with spam, we no longer allow promotion on Twitter.

We don’t allow any direct promotion on Pinterest. If you own a website, you’re free to pin your articles as long as you’re promoting your site and its content and not offers.

Search PPC

Search PPC is promotion within search results based upon keyword bidding and is a popular traffic source for new publishers all the up to super affiliates. As long as you’re complaint with keyword bidding restrictions, including not bidding on trademarked terms with indicated so, the guidelines are consistent. Just make sure the offer allows Search PPC!

7Search is a second tier search engine with decent traffic quality for the price and it good tools to manage it. You can get started for about $25, so if you’re new to affiliate marketing it may be your most cost effective option.

Bing is a first tier search engine with a huge volume of traffic and your ad will appear across the entire Bing/Yahoo network. Their cost per click may be high than 7Search’s, but more focused traffic can offset your expenses.

Unfortunately, Google is no longer accepting affiliate campaigns.


PPV stands for Pay Per View and CPV stands for Cost Per View but they mean the same thing.

Most of them time, PPV promotion refers to having your ad displayed as a pop up by a variety of PPV/CPV networks based on either keywords or URLs, depending on how you’ve bid. Methods like modals and interstitial promotion also fall into this category.

LeadImpact is one of our more popular traffic sources for newer publishers. It’s a good traffic source, but one issue that comes arises is that their pop up size is slightly smaller than our landing pages’ so all of the page’s content doesn’t immediately display. The easiest way around this is to create your own pre-sell landing pages. If you have any questions or need some tips, contact your Affiliate Manager!

With it’s $1000 deposit and required referral, TrafficVance is not the traffic source for your first attempt. If you need a referral and have made more than $500 with another PPV network, let your AM know!

Banner Display

Banner display means you’re posting banners either on a site you own, paying to run a media buy on someone else’s site or promoting them with a content network like Site Scout. Many PeerFly offers include their own banners, but if they don’t you’re free to make your own. Just make sure you send them to your Affiliate Manager for approval before you run them!


Contextual promotion is any text-based advertising. Mainly used on blogs and websites, if you’re promoting an offer with text ads within an article, make sure it allows Contextual!


PeerFly is currently in the process of developing an email specific Peer and retooled marketing approach to be launched shortly. At this time, we’re approving email campaigns on a case-by-case, limited basis. Contact your Affiliate Manager with the following information and we try to find you some offers that work:

  • Website list
  • Number of subscribers
  • Platform
  • Other offers you have promoted


With over 98 million smartphone subscribers in the US alone, mobile affiliate marketing is growing fast. We allow mobile promotion on mobile ad networks, but please be aware that offers cannot be promoted with SMS or Pay Per Call traffic.

Some of our most popular mobile ad networks are:

All mobile optimized offers are organized in their own vertical – Mobile and App Installs.


While not for the modest, adult sites comprise a huge portion of online traffic. PeerFly allows promotion within these sites as long as you’re using Adult offers and are compliant with all other offer restrictions.

Popular adult networks are:

  • Juicy Ads
  • Reporo – Mobile Network
  • TrafficJunky

If you’re planning an adult media buy, be aware that PeerFly does not allow promotion on any site with illegal content. If you’re unsure, have your affiliate manager take a look! I promise, we won’t blush.

Classified Ads
You cannot promote any PeerFly offer using classified ads traffic. Craigslist, USFreeAds, and any other classified ads site would not be allowed. You cannot direct link nor use a landing page to promote offers on these sites.

Keeping a close key on how you’re promoting offers is the best way to stay out of hot water. If you have any questions about an offer, when it converts or how you can promote it, let your AM know! We’re here to answer your questions, so like my buddy Luke says… let’s make some money!

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152 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Terms Explained

      1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

        A vertical is a category of offer. Dating, gaming, travel and finance are examples of verticals. 🙂

  1. Felix

    Hi, Guys! This is a good introductino to the terms used in CPA networks. Thanks for helping us since the begining.

  2. Mohammed Jinnah

    I got banned from bing as I added referral link. Now I am planning to make landing pages for several categories and add Ref Links in my landing page.

    Can I do it for Search PPC offers? Traffic will come from PPC Ads. Instead of going directly to sales page, They will go via my landing page.

    Does this still violate bing’s rule?

  3. Mike

    Thanks for the info. Found it particularly useful for traffic sources and Ad networks that bare acceptable to Peerfly.
    Thanks again

  4. Am Sam Samuel

    Many people have always said
    7search is good for starters.
    Also Many has proclaim no
    conversion with 7seach.
    I choose email submit offer
    and head to 7seach
    i have
    199 uni clicks
    225 raw
    no conversion.
    All for
    $5 /direct link/

    should i forget about making
    conversion from 7seach?

    1. Junseo Park

      no pre-sell page? find someone who promoting that offer and copy their pre-sell page and test it out again. your offer may not just be the right offer to your target traffic or the offer sales page doesn’t have good copywritting, videos, etc. you have to fill in the gap by senting your traffic to a pre-sell page where they would get warmed up to an offer, rather than just tell them right off the bat to give me your money.

      hope that helps 😀

  5. Dloyal

    Great stuff! Being a newbie I found this information to be very informative and useful. Breaking down and explaining the terms helped out a lot. Thanks.

  6. Anthony Olakanpo

    Good information and explanation. Very useful and informative. Will always refer to it because it will always be needed.

  7. Kelly Baio

    Wow!!! This clears things up alot. I am still a little confused about promoting e-mail offers. If I have my own e-mail list, I can promote some of these offers? I have to add to my lead list, so you get a copy of the add? The e-mail corey[@] when I add the above address to my list for approval. Ok I will try it out!!!!

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hey Kelly – yep, you got it! If you have any questions about our email guidelines feel free to contact your affiliate manager.

  8. Mark Lewis

    I am truely 1 day into this and am so lost. I dont have a website or anything to get up and running. I truely am going in circles with my tail between my legs. Anyone PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  9. Sherri

    All of this is new to me but I am excited to get started and these pages are very informative and helpful. Thanks PeerFly!

  10. Raymond

    Thank you very much for the information. I believe I can stay out of trouble with the information you have provided.
    It is good to know that my questions and concerns will be handled right away.
    Thank you so much for accepting me into PeerFly.
    I look forward to making money with you.

  11. Kenneth Launza

    Wow……its very relevant to have this information ready and available for anyone to access because if i hadnt read these terms i probably wouldve got caught up trying to find several other methods of promoting Peerfly offers. I brainstormed a few as soon as i got an Approval email then seen them on here as NO CAN DO. Thanks…back to the table to think straight. Great success doesnt come from negative methods, do it right the first time guys….and girls

  12. a simple blog about

    I think this is among the most vital info for me. And i am glad reading your article.
    But wanna remark on few general things, The web site style is great, the
    articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

  13. Mei Kuee

    Hi Lauren,

    Would appreciate your reply on the following:

    1) Is promoting an offer on my own FB fan page allowed? That way it is not spamming

    2) Why is classified ads not allowed at all?


    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hey there,

      1. We allow promotion on Facebook fanpages on a case-by-case, approval basis. You can find our guidelines listed here.

      2. Classified ad promotion is considered spam and is disallowed on behalf of our clients.

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hi Jane,

      Occasionally offers will have caps at the request of the advertiser, in that example, 50 leads a day. That means you will be paused for the day after you’ve sent 50 conversions. If you have questions about a specific offer, please contact your AM!

      1. Arpit Malhotra

        If i am interested in delivering around 10k leads per day for some offer that has a cap of 1000/day what do i do?

      2. CoreyPeerFly

        Hi Arpit,

        You can let your affiliate manager know and we’ll speak with the client to see if they are interested in increasing the cap based on your traffic quality.

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      That’s great! Please let your Affiliate Manager, Derek, know if you have any questions about getting started. 🙂

  14. Sid

    Very informative for me as a newbie. But still confusing about where to advertise or where not to. Can I use Facebook ads and Google Adwords to advertise the offer?

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Promoting offers on Facebook ads is fine as long as the offer allows Social PPC. Google Adwords isn’t typically affiliate friendly but Bing can be a great alternative.

      1. Tom

        @lauren, I would like to talk with you about a scale up program to see if your company and our goals would match.

        Please contact,

  15. Muhammad Tauseef

    Dear, i want to clear one thing that you have said that we can not use classified sites for promoting link provided by peerfly. what is best place for using link?

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hi Alice,

      Please feel free to get in touch with your affiliate manager! He or she would be happy to go over your campaigns with you. 🙂

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Please feel free to reach out to your Affiliate Manager for some help on your campaigns!

  16. Trena

    Thanks for all the information. It did answer allot but one question Do I haft to have a website to do affiliate marketing?

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Solo ads are considered email marketing, which we don’t currently allow. We hope to have that available as an option in early 2015. 🙂

  17. Zafar

    Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for continuous support.
    I have a question to be cleared up.

    In YouTube traffic.

    The offer must have Social PPC listed under
    Allowed Marketing.

    What is “listed under Allowed Marketing”

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      All offers have a list of allowed methods on the offer page. Just make sure any offer you promote on YouTube has Social PPC listed, and that your video is compliant with the rest of our guidelines. 🙂

  18. Relu

    Hello. I am a little bit confuse.
    I have my own website, domain and hosting, and I want to use it to promote cpa offers.
    About Social PPC
    1. “LIMITED FACEBOOK” means paid advertising promotion. I get it.
    But I make a fan page connected to my website? And then, if is ok, It’s ok to write something about the offer and put a link to the offer, or it must be to my website where I have a link, or a banner to the offer?
    2. About Pinterest promotion, or any other social media, like Instagram, or others, I must understand that I can promote my website with my domain on pinterest, with the content that I create, but I’m not allowed to write an article on my blog about an offer and promoted it on pinterest? In this way if it’s true, how can I promote an offer on my website? Only banners on my blog?

    About Contextual
    1. I can pick an offer and write some content about that offer and promoted on my website/blog? If not, what it means contextual in fact, and to use it. Because I think, if I wrote some text, some content about the offer, and of course promote the article, the CTR can increase very much.

    Thank you in advance. This is about I am confuse, and want to make it right.

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      In response to your questions:

      1. We allow promotion on Facebook fanpages on a case-by-case basis. Our guidelines can be found here.

      2. You can promote your site and its content with social media. If your site’s content is made up of offers, you would need to be compliant with those offer’s guidelines when sending traffic.

      3. That’s fine as long as you’re sending traffic to that site with a promotion method the offer allows. 🙂

  19. Samuel Patterson

    Thanks for clearing up some information.
    I mainly had a problem understanding the epc & cr.
    I think I have a clear understand on what they mean.

    Lets just hope I can make some money out of it.

  20. Alexander

    It is good that you post such information, it increases the credibility of your network.Very useful information, especially for a newbie like me.


    Nice post.
    Please, I have applied with the information above, so far I have being in internet bizness more than 5 years. I am fully ready to comply with the entire rules. So far there are some HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL in this affiliate or CPA program, no matter how the rules/challenges. I will also succeed.
    Help me reach the application review department with this my post. I am fully ready for the approvement of my application

    Thanks for the solution post.
    God bless you.

  22. Suripeddi Koundinya

    I am still confused with Search PPC, can anyone explain this in proper way/
    Also Peerfly is full of affiliate marketing, why in the name of signing up in Publisher Ads? I should change to Affiliate log in.

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Using a Search PPC network like 7Search or Bing, your ads will appear as ads in search results. If you’re interested in promoting the offers on PeerFly, you would be considered a Publisher. This is an industry recognized term. 🙂

  23. Lonaise

    Wow!!!! great information, am a newbie am so excited this is such a wonderful opportunity I am ready to learn and make some money. I know I will have some question.

  24. Jennifer

    Thank you for really breaking down the terms.

    For people like me that are new to internet marketing it can be a bit overwhelming. Even though I’ve been successful in the corporate world for a few decades, the new terminology can be a bit intimidating. The fact that PeerFly has taken the time to make it super simple is very encouraging and leads me to trust this company even more. I’ve lurked around other sites for years trying to gain an understanding but it really doesn’t compare to what you all have done here.

    Hopefully my application will be approved soon. I do have a question on the application. If I wanted to change from a Sole Proprietorship using my Soc Sec to an LLC with an EIN, would that go through my Affiliate Manager?


    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hey Jennifer, it’s our pleasure! We love to see new publishers succeed. 🙂 It looks like your application is currently pending approval, it will be processed shortly. Please let your AM, Derek, know that you need to change your tax classification and he can help you take care of that.

  25. Justin Philip

    Well explained post to get started with affiliate marketing with peerfly. Im joined new to this network, and these terms and concepts would surely help me up for further marketing purposes.

  26. Reaz

    Seriously, It’s a pretty good and very helpful content for beginners. This is the requirement to know all of these ^ for every new members, who is starting their CPA journey.

    Thank you for the article.

  27. Agus Halim

    Thanks for this great article, Plenty of Fish currently not allow new advertiser to subscribe. is there have a way /channel how we can register as advertiser? thanks

  28. Jack

    AS you mentioned that Google doesn’t accept affiliate campaigns.but one of Guy is running Dating offers on Google adword.There must be any way to Run Affiliate offers on google adword.

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Google is no longer working with affiliates but your affiliate manager would be happy to recommend some alternate traffic sources. Do you have a PeerFly account?

  29. Ramanarayanan EH


    I am planning to promote CPA offers and wish to apply for PeerFly. I am from India. I have not yet started my website. But I have my blog with Blogger, Youtube videos, Bing Ads PPC and email list.

    Can I apply and will I get approved. Pl let me know.



  30. Altrahealth

    Very detailed and clear, Great job. On the Classified Ads though, is redirect a possible option instead of direct link?

  31. AbdulRehman

    I’m a newbie. This information is really informative and most definitely knowledgeable. THANKS

      1. Israel Me

        Like what kind of services will I offer this platform when I signup as an affiliate…Do I have to advertise products or what?

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    It is so unexpected – to obtain so much information! If I read it earlier – I absolutely differently would fill in the questionnaire for accession to PeerFly!

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    The information is very useful to me as a beginner in affiliate marketing.
    With this information I will be on the right track towards achieving great success in affiliate marketing.
    Thank you peerfly.

  36. Thierry HENRY

    Hi Lauren and Corey,

    Congrats for this great post, very helpful, especially for the social media network that we have to avoid posting links. It will be a shame to be banned.
    Let’s start making money

  37. Syed

    Hi Lauren,

    Can you please clarify following

    If allowed traffic method is banner in such case can i create landing page and place provided banners there so visitors can visit offer page thru those banners. It must be noted that on this landing page traffic will be driven thru Google/Bing/7search ads.

    We can take example of following offer.

    “ Lead – Pay Per Sign Up (35745)”

    Allowed Methods: Social, Banners, Contextual

    Not Allowed: NO Incent, NO Classified Ads, NO SMS, NO Email Marketing, NO Search, NO Co-Registration, NO PPV/CPV

    Above mentioned 3 allowed traffic methods are associated with many offers on Peerfly.

    Looking forward for your response

  38. Syed

    Hi Corey,

    First i would like to thank for the quick response i am really amazed with it and i can say it with confidence that i signed up with a network of super supportive team members.

    Further i would like to address that the Landing Page/Blog will be will a content based page with tutorials for child acting/modeling/singing etc. with banners placed in side bars and between content and traffic driven thru google/bing.

    If this method also didn’t fall under approved one than i guess we can go for facebook pages and drive traffic thru facebook ads to blog/content based site as mentioned in above para.

    Hope i am not bothering you much. I just want to be sure about my promotional plan.


  39. Kelvin

    I was just wondering what the reason is behind not allowing the promotion of offers through sites like craigslist? I understand wanting to ensure quality traffic, but why wouldn’t such traffic be quality or convert? Was advertising via Craigslist ads ever allowed in the past and it cause problems? Did sites like Craigslist complain of constant flooding of such offers? Just curious why it’s not allowed.

  40. Ethan

    Could we please have a clarification on the actual meaning of “NO PPV/CPV”?

    Does it mean: Do not directly link the offer page in pop up/under?

    Or does it mean: Do not drive any traffic by means of pop up/under, even if you avoid directly link the offer page by using a prelander in pop up/under?

      1. Ethan

        Hi Corey,

        Thanks for the clarification. Is the interim-styled “interstitial ad” regarded as PPV/CPV?

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Regardless of whether you’ve set up a tracking domain, offers promoted in search traffic have to allow search.

  41. Alexander Davis

    Hey, I’m new here and was wondering if you could explain Incent? I’m almost certain I know the answer but would rather be 100% before I get started.

  42. Michael A McNeill

    Great info, glad I took the time to read it all ! Lots of restrictions, great for
    good business, makes it easier to succeed.

  43. Bankole Coker

    Thanks for the clarification of issues that could warrant banning from promoting offers. Hoping to avoid unnecessary fringe on T & M.
    Have a great day!

  44. Esokay Solomon

    Thank you anyways but i must talk where I’m confused. Because from the comments everybody understands I’m just the dummy though. For instance an offer that allows ppv/cpv if I’m promoting such offer on my website, that’s is I placed their banner on my site and people click through and got redirected to the offer landing page will I be paid even though they did make any purchase from the offer landing page?
    Offers like Agoda travel.

    1. CoreyPeerFly

      Hi Esokay,

      No, we do not pay for clicks/views. Every offer lists the Conversion Point on the offer page. For example Agoda states “Conversion Point: Valid Paid and Departed Hotel Booking”.

  45. Es Sokay

    But offers that allow ppv what exactly is the offer saying cause to my understanding ppv is pay per view. Please explain a little about ppv offers. Thank you

    1. CoreyPeerFly

      Hi there,

      The allowed methods are the type of traffic the offer allows. If an offer accepts PPV traffic then you can purchase PPV traffic from a traffic source and you would pay them per view that they send to your affiliate link.

  46. Yvette Castro

    If you’re starting out fresh would you still be able to become an affiliate. Let’s say you don’t have a blog or a You Tube channel to promote any of the products/services.

  47. Kevin

    Hi. I’ve gone through the post and relevant comments. Very educative post.

    I’ve got a question on social PPC. How about promoting offers on my Facebook timeline. That way, it’s not spamming a Facebook group.

    Secondly, can I promote offers on my WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms not mentioned?

    Finally, you said you were working on incorporating email marketing in 2015, is it not allowed? Can I now use my mailing lists to promote offers

    1. LukePeerFly

      In your Facebook timeline? To your friends? That isn’t allowed.

      WhatsApp isn’t allowed. Other social media platforms will depend on how you are actually planning to promote.

      We still do not allow email.

  48. Ziada Msule

    Thanks for elaboration and critique concerning T & C for PeerFly affiliate program. I’ m gonna keep in touch with AM for any question there after.


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